Sponsorship Details

Adams Boxing will be sponsoring all female boxers fighting from amatuer titles to World Championships! From all ages! Our terms are as follows;

- 1st you must email us at Adamsboxing@gmail.com with details and information regarding; fight date, location, and if it is an amatuer or pro fight.

- After reviewing the email we will respond and gather information regarding shoe size, colors, and time frames. We will also outline our terms and conditions in the email.

- Note that our custom shoes can take up to 8-10 weeks. You must contact us with time to apply.

- Before we start on the shoes we will send you the cost of the shipping in a link, once paid we start the mock-up of the shoe to confirm desired work. Note, the shoes will be 100% sponsored but shipping payment will be requiered.

- After the mock-up is confirmed suited then we will start crafting your sponsored shoe!

Thank you.